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Used by thousands of vehicles across the country, our GPS fleet tracking system & devices allows you to easy manage and track your fleet of vehicles and assets in real-time, along with accurate reporting options. Take your fleet to the next level with simple to use, yet robust hardware & software that is perfect for businesses of any size. Lower your cost by enabling your dispatch plan more efficient routes on the fly for trucks, cars, assets, boats, containers, people and more. Even monitor driving habits for increased safety, with improved fuel efficiency from routes and idling and reduced maintenance costs from excessive wear and tear. The options are limitless without being complicated. Let us help you find the right solution with the lowest rates in the industry.

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The Best Office Hidden Cameras To Covertly Monitor Events

Do you really know the people you work with? What about the random people who you do business with that have free reign to walk around your building? Can you trust them? Every day multiple incidents occur which can turn into significant fraudulent lawsuits or simply people just getting hurt become a he said she said scenario costing significantly in money and time. It’s time to think about using an office camera to capture those incidents as they occur, giving you the proof you need once and for all. We have a wide-variety of hidden cameras for your office designed to blend in perfectly in a break-room, hallway, cubicle area, public waiting room, board room and more, allowing you to safely and discreetly monitor and record all activity to be available when you need it most.